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  • Journey to the Future of Laser Cutting - The Innovative Tidy 16Bar Series
  • Journey to the Future of Laser Cutting - The Innovative Tidy 16Bar Series

    | Muzaffer Uslu & Kaan Arslan

    Journey to the Future of Laser Cutting - The Innovative Tidy 16Bar Series

    Lazer cutting machines are platforms used for cutting, drilling or processing materials with high precision and speed. These machines have a wide range of applications in almost every industry.

    Laser cutting machines commonly used in many businesses typically operate with nitrogen, and the cost of nitrogen plays a significant role in laser cutting operations. To avoid this cost, compressed air can be preferred instead of nitrogen. Compressed air technology can be used at 100% efficiency in machines where nitrogen is used. The use of compressed air in sheet metal processing and laser cutting systems is becoming increasingly widespread. However, there are some points to be noted:

    • The appropriate pressure should be used according to the material and thickness to be cut. For example, cutting metal requires higher pressures, while plastic or wooden materials can be cut with lower pressures.

    • Using higher pressure speeds up the cutting process and helps achieve smooth, even surfaces.

    • Compressed air cools the area where the laser beam is focused during laser cutting. This also prevents the material from burning or melting, thus enhancing cutting quality.

    • Compressed air removes the waste generated during cutting from the material surface and keeps the process area clean.

    Standard screw compressors can typically operate up to 13 bar pressure.

    Tidy 16Bar released by Dalgakıran, has specially designed rotors to achieve 16 bar pressure with single-stage compression, eliminating the need for boosters generally required to reach high pressures.

    Compressed air generated by compressors contains moisture and oil. It is essential for the air used in laser cutting machines to be dry and oil-free; otherwise, the laser cutting lenses may be damaged. For this purpose, a system consisting of compressor and complementary equipments is required. Additionally, a dew point value between -40°C and -30°C must be achieved at the compressor outlet. We achieve this value with a chemical dryer. Furthermore, the particle density in the air should be 0,01 mg/m3. Our DA chemical dryers reduce the dew point value to -40°C. Additionally, our Carbolescer filters reduce the particle density to levels as low as 0,001 mg/m3. To ensure the efficient operation of the compressed air system, extra particle, moisture, and oil filters are used to minimize the risk of oil reaching the laser cutting system.


    The Tidy 16Bar Series is specially designed for laser cutting operations. High pressure and precise control ensure exceptional performance and results in your laser cutting processes.

    The key advantages of the Tidy 16Bar Series are the following:

    Special Rotor Design: Equipped with a specially designed rotor pair to operate at high pressure. This innovative design provides optimized performance and precision for your cutting applications.

    Optimized for Laser Cutting Equipment: Specifically optimized for laser cutting equipment. It ensures perfect compatibility with your cutting processes and maximizes the performance of your equipment.

    IE4 Efficiency Class Electric Motor: The electric motor in the IE4 efficiency class distinguishes the Tidy 16Bar Series as an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. With low energy consumption and high efficiency, it contributes to our environmental sustainability goals.

    Temperature-Controlled Axial Fan: The Tidy 16Bar Series is equipped with a temperature-controlled axial fan. This feature maintains the machine's optimal operating temperature, enhancing durability and performance.

    User-Friendly Design and Electronic-Controlled PLC: Designed to streamline your operation processes, the Tidy 16Bar Series features a user-friendly design. The electronic-controlled PLC and other features provide operators with easy usability and maintenance capabilities.

    The Tidy 16Bar Series not only eliminates the problems associated with nitrogen consumption but also provides significant advantages in initial investment costs for systems that offer high performance to users. This enables a transition to cutting with air, which is much more efficient, effectively eliminating a significant financial burden associated with using nitrogen for cutting.