Reduce Waste of Compressed Air

An air receiver, sometimes referred to as a compressed air tank, is an integral part of any compressed air system. The main purpose of this is to act as temporary storage to accommodate the peaks of demand from your system and to optimize the running efficiency of your plant.

Because of the immense pressure they contain and because of their importance to a system, they must be built to be exceptionally durable and strong.

Your air compressor installation can in theory run without a receiver, but not having one in your air system can increase the loading and unloading cycles on the compressor making the compressor work harder.

It is important to remember that load/unload cycles will depend on the demand fluctuation within your facility. Air receivers, commonly referred to as vessels or tanks are used to store compressed air before it enters into the piping system and or equipment.

As the air compressor cycles on and off, compressed air can be wasted. Every time a rotary screw air compressor unloads, the sump tank (oil tank) is vented. Compressed air is released during the venting. Over time, this adds up to the loss of thousands of cubic feet of compressed air that could otherwise have been used to power processes in your facility. A properly sized air storage tank reduces frequent cycling and venting.

Your compressed air receiver tank is like a battery for your facility, providing an extra reservoir of compressed air you can draw on during periods of high demand. Without a store of compressed air to draw on, the system will have to operate at higher pressures so it is always ready to meet peak demands. In essence, you are asking your system to operate as if your facility is always running at maximum demand. This leads to increased energy use and wear and tear on the system.

To be sure that yours will last you many years to come and will be able to handle the pressures of everyday use, it is absolutely essential to purchase from Dalgakıran Kompresör's reputable dealers and brands.

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