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     132-2.000 kW  2-4-9-10-11-16 bar  1.394-22.000 m³/min

    Oil Free, Water Cooled

    Turbo Air Compressors

     Energy Saving

    For the stringent energy-saving requirements, we face today, IHI ID provides high-level energy savings with turbo compressors using advanced rotary machine technology that provides first-classenergy efficiency.

     User Customization

    In the manufacturing facilities, compressed air needs are constantly changing. IHI ID Turbo Compressors are specially designed based on our customer needs, factory location and climatic conditions to provide the best solution for production operations.

     Compressor Frame

    The gear case and air coolers are cast together in a single, construction. 

    The robust and compact compressor unit and air paths are surrounded by a thick, seamless wall that is also highly effective in reducing noise level and inernal pressure losses.


    Designed with the power ofa deep-rooted engineering experience, impellers provides the upper segment efficiency and wide operating range for users with the support of CFD technology. They are resistant to structural constraints such as corrosion and particulate abrasion, thanks to Titanium structures.


    The kinetic energy generated by the impeller in the rotational motion enhances the system pressure by converting it into potential energy as the flow passes through the diffuser. The air flow passing through the diffuser and impeller is simulated in a coupled manner in the CFD environment to obtain a low turbulence flow profilewith minimum lossand quiet.

     IGV (Inlet Guide Vanes)

    The compressor’s inlet has vanes whose angles can be change in order to reduce the impeller air intake.

    This is more effective than using a butterfly valve to add pressure loss in order to reduce airflow, and if the same airflow is discharged, the dynamic power can be kept low.

     Tilting Pad Journal Bearing

    In order for the high speed pinion shafts to be able to bed efficiently, they provide an even distribution of radial loads. They do not need maintenance and replacement under normal operating conditions.

     Labyrinth Seal

    Labyrinth seals are preferred to ensure sealing between the pressure chamber and the gearbox.

    The labyrinth seals provide sealing without touching the shaft. Hence it removes the friction losses due to sealing and does not need maintenance.

     Various Options

    Various options such as motor starter panel and group control panel can also be provided by IHI ID upon request.

     Easy Maintenance

    IHI ID turbo compressors have a simple and robust design, in order to reduce maintenance costs. IHI ID have worked hard to simplify maintenance procedures so that our products can provide a stable supply of compressed air throughout the year, with minimal maintenance.

     Suction Filter 

    The suction filter uses a combined type element, making it very easy to maintain. IHI ID original design, high performance, combined filter element has pre and main filter in one element.


     Control Panel 

    IHI ID offers advance control panel for T2A, TRA, T3A, TRE and TRX compressors with high speed and high reliability.

    Control panel specifications are stated as below;

    High quality touch screen with special functions

    Flexible and high resolution Analog/Digital lnputs, Outputs

    Profinet communication protocol standard, Profibus and Modbus are optional

    Adjustable capacity control methods for machine type

    Easily integrated with DCS or Scada System of the customer.

     132-2.000 kW  2-4-9-10-11-16 bar  1.394-22.000 m³/min


    Model Motor
    Pressure Range
    Pressure Range
    Flow Rate
    Dimensions (mm) Weight
    Length Width Height
    T2A 135-250 4-9 59-130 1.394-2.700 3.043 2.066 2.506 4.500
    TRA 200-600 2-11 30-60 2.400-6.600 3.700-4.940 2.000-2.100 2.000-2.400 7.100-9.500
    TRE 355-1.060 2-16 30-232 3.600-11.400 4.100-5.429 2.100-4.100 2.000-3.000 8.300-13.500
    T3A 400-1.400 2-11 30-188 8.200-15.000 4.600-6.700 2.250-2.500 2.000-3.500 10.000-16.000
    TRX 710-1-2.000 2-10 30-145 8.200-22.000 4.850-7.260 2.400-3.900 2.150-3.400 13.500-20.000