132-250 kW  4-9 bar  1.394-2.700 m³/min

Oil Free, Water Cooled

Turbo Air Compressors

 2 Stage Turbo Compressor

T2A series consists of vital components, such as air cooler, main motor, control panel, gear box, suction filter and all these will be fitted into one compact package. This simple design allows for smaller installation space and shorter installation time. The structure of the robust gear box provides the customers with high reliability by utilizing tilting pad journal bearing, customized core parts(Impeller, diffuser). These parts are designed with anti-wearing technology, built for long life and stable operation.


Model Motor
Flow Rate Dimensions (mm) Weight
bar psi (m³/h) Length Width Height kg
T2A 135-250 4-9 59-130 1,394-2,700 3,043 2,066 2,506 4,500