Protect and improve your air system

Compressed air can contain a wide range of contaminants, from oil droplets to sand and dust particles. However small, these particles can cause downstream equipment malfunctions, product contamination, and other quality issues. Depending on your application, you may need compressed air filters to prevent air system quality, reliability, and efficiency problems. Dalgakıran offers various types of compressed air filters to remove any type of contaminant.

Our new generation of filters features several innovations that make your air system more efficient and its operation easier. Dalgakıran Kompresör is offering a wide range of filters each designed to counteract a specific threat.

Information you should keep in mind 💭

When buying for compressed air filters, keep in mind that quality is important. You can count on our technology and expertise!

Quality air filters will produce cleaner air, which means fewer problems with your equipment.

Quality air filters have a lower pressure-drop then low-quality ones. This will save you energy. Every pressure drop in your system (from filters, dryers, long piping etc.) will require you to put your compressor on a higher setpoint, which will cost you extra electricity.

Over time, dust will accumulate in your filters. All this dust will cause an extra obstacle for the compressed air. This means the pressure drop over your filter will become higher over time.

Low-quality air filters will clog up quicker than quality air filters. This means that you'll have to buy new filters more often. But it also means that the pressure drop over your filter will become higher, quicker, with low-cost air filters.

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