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  • People and Culture

    Where do we make a difference?

    As Dalgakıran Human Resources team, we aim to make our company a preferred employer with innovative practices and to maintain a culture of high commitment among employees.

    We plan to realize this goal by developing Human Resources systems that offer equal opportunities, respect diversity and ethical values, focus on development and encourage high performance, in line with Dalgakıran's strategy.

    As Dalgakıran Kompresör Family, with curiosity we seek to embrace our differences and learn from each other. It's challenging sometimes but so rewarding too. Enjoying cross collaboration, diversity and open feedback is necessary to thrive in our culture as we work closely together.

    You will discover journey about Dalgakıran Kompresör's employees who are committed to creating leading-edge solutions to build a better world while pursuing career opportunities across multiple disciplines and across the globe. Explore how you can grow with us.

    Our Human Resources Principles

    To recruit qualified manpower in line with our company’s objectives and strategies,

    To prioritize keeping our employees motivated and loyal to Dalgakıran,

    To follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees,

    To support personal development with continuous training,

    To create and maintain a safe, healthy, and peaceful working environment for an efficient working environment,

    To continually review, update, and improve our Human Resources Policy.

    Why us?

    For professionals 

    After gaining experience and acquiring skills during your vocational training and/or university studies, are you looking for the next challenge that offers personal growth and career advancement? You already have some relevant career experience and an understanding of what your job is all about. You're both straightforward and flexible as you go about your work. Instead of putting things off, you find concrete and workable solutions. Does that sound like you? 

    Our purpose isn't just words on paper. We believe everyone can and will make a difference in our company, regardless of your role. Taking care of our common resources is part our roots and we make an effort to embed it in everything we do. We constantly optimize products and ways of working to make sure we take our responsibility as a company and employer.

    Dalgakıran Kompresör's global community widens perspectives and inspires us to explore different career possibilities.

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    For graduates

    To make our vision a reality, we need the best of talent and innovative ideas for business excellence. We work hard to foster an exciting and challenging environment that encourages independent thinking, problem solving and growth. As a constantly expanding global company, young graduates who join us are offerred responsible positions with plenty of variety and excellent career prospects.

    Shaping the future is not easy. But it gets easier when the right talents are on board. Only together can we develop solutions that make tomorrow even safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable. Do you want to be a part of it? 

    In order to live up to this aspiration, we are constantly on the lookout for ambitious high potentials, experts, and career changers. 

    Find the right jobs and maximize your career opportunities.

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    For students

    An internship is a great way to get to know us and to apply your skills in a global, industrial company where ideas thrive. This is your chance to get hands on work-life experience, perform meaningful work and learn from colleagues in a company shaped by endless innovation. 

    We believe that you are the leaders of tomorrow. Because of that, we know that having you join Journey of Young Talent (we call it JOYT) will be a growing experience for you, and for us.

    Through JOYT you will join teams filled with experienced people who come to work every day excited and passionate about what they do. From the start you will be encouraged to grow, explore at your own pace and try – try so many different things!

    Work with brilliant people who can help you grow and perform at your best. 

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