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    Dalgakıran Kompresör’s expert servicing team experienced in compressors and spare parts delivers a servicing service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Türkiye and the 130+ countries we export to providing our business partners in every industry with non-stop compressed air solutions.

    Outstanding Service & Non-Stop Production

    Dalgakıran Kompresör has servicing workshops, a spare parts warehouses, and a subject-expert field team in each of its regional directorates plus more than 30 authorised service networks giving it the ability and means to deliver a rapid and solution-oriented servicing service to every point in Türkiye. Via our global network of authorised distributors, Dalgakıran Kompresör also provides world-class maintenance and service support, with a team of highly trained and skilled compressor service technicians.

    Air compressors are a vital part of operations at any industrial facility or machine shop. They’re essential in completing many routine tasks around a facility, from cleaning to inflating to drilling and grinding.

    We cares about every air compressor maintenance procedure, from daily operations to less frequent ones you will solve your service needs quickly, efficiently and most important in a safe way. Maintenance and repair manuals, pre-start and inspection checklists are part of our full compressed air training offer as well as a rich amount of documents instructional tutorial and guide.

    It’s critical to have a reliable service provider to repair your equipment when it needs immediate attention. How to substitute you air compressors filter? How to refill its oil? When to drain condensation? These and many other useful service and maintenance operations are showed and explained in our dedicated tutorials.

    Routine checks, maintenance, and timely repairs will ensure the maximum life and optimal performance for your industrial air compressor. A well-maintained machine will operate efficiently and, in turn, save you money all the while delivering quality compressed air for all your applications.

    Schedule maintenance tasks; assign an authority to make sure they get done; record the results so you can measure performance trends; call a professional when parts break or wear out; and make repairs promptly to avoid catastrophic failure, exorbitant cost, or hazardous operation. 

    Regardless of the brand and model, we offer fast, compotentand professional Dalgakıran Kompresör service and support to all kinds of compressors.

    Information you should keep in mind 💭

    If the parts shoot unusual noise or consume excessive lubricant, check for the possibility of corrosion in the unattended parts.

    If your air compressor regularly blows the fuse, the chances are that its size does not support the electrical load of your compressor. Replace these with a fuse that can bear the load.

    Excessive heat discharge indicates that there is a problem with your cooling system.

    Check the levels of lubricants regularly and make adjustments as per your operational needs.

    If your compressor shows signs of wear, rusted piping, excessive vibrations, overheating, or metal deposits in your oil analysis, it’s time for a thorough inspection.