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    Designed to be your biggest assistant in your facility

    During operation, an oil-flooded reciprocating air compressor pulls in air via a piston. Then, the air is pushed out of the chamber and compressed into a storage tank.

    Each pump feeds oil to one lubrication point on the compressor. Distribution block systems use one or two larger pumps to force oil through sized and sequenced valves which distribute the oil to the various lubrication points. Distribution block systems must be designed specifically for a given compressor.

    Our compressors are designed to be compact, durable materials providing flexibility to end-users.  

    Is an Oil Injected Compressor Really Better? 

    In fact, oil-free compressors are preferred in extreme cold because there's no worry about the oil turning to sludge. On the other hand, oil-injected compressors may be desired if working in extreme heat and humidity, because they can dissipate heat more quickly in a given duty cycle and resist rust build-up.

    Different compressors use different lubrication techniques. In screw compressors, the oil is often pumped into the moving parts, while pistons and scrolls often employ splash lubrication using oil from a vessel in the bottom of the compressor.

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