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    Dalgakıran ensures 100% air purity!

    Air purity is critical for many applications where even the tiniest drop of oil, or air contaminated with oil can cause product spoilage, product recall or damage production equipment.

    That is why it is always important to consider your production process and end product when choosing an air compressor. In an oil-free compressor, no matter what type of technology is being used, no oil will ever be used in the compression chamber. This eliminates the risk of contamination and ensures 100% air purity!

    Our oil-free compressors offer you many advantages. We propose you the best technologies. Our oil-free air compressors are certified Class 0, in accordance with the ISO standard. With the highest levels of air quality, our compressors guarantee you contaminant-free and risk-free operations. Oil-free compressors have been designed specifically for applications where clean, pure air is critical.

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