• Dalgakiran Compressor


    SmartFlow Piping Systems

    Superior Aluminum & Stainless Steel Pipes

    SmartFlow piping systems provide energy efficiency by offering optimum solutions in every compressed air needs. Advanced connection and sealing technology were internationally patented, ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO8573-1

    SmartFlow, a brand of Dalgakıran, provides turnkey service with design, Dalgakıran air compressors and application in stainless steel and aluminum air piping systems for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas etc.

    The entire system, from fittings to pipes and to piping, is designed, manufactured and strictly quality controlled in-house. Products are quickly delivered to all around the world by global main offices, distributors and dealers.


    • Excellent rust-resistance, leak-free and low air drop provide sustainability and energy saving.

    • User-friendly operation thanks to easy and fast installation of the modular push-in to connect fittings.

    • It has a durable, reliable and safe construction for superior performance.

    • Always guarantees clean and high quality liquids.

    • SmartFlow always provides high air quality.

     Superior Aluminum Pipes

    • Clean and quality air source (ISO8573-1 conformed)

    • Optimum air flow performance, with larger diameters than competitors

    • Alumilite processed inner surface, resisting to corrosion

    • Light weight

    • High quality, powder coated exterior

    • Durable, extruded and marine grade rigid aluminum

    • Suitable for oil-free or lubricated compressed air, vacuum, and inert gases (Nitrogen, Argon, Helium)

    • Max. working pressure: 16 bar; vacuum: 0.013 bar (absolute pressure)

    • Working temperature: -20C°~+80C°

    • DN20 3/4”-DN200-8” diameter range

    Connection & Sealing

    • Strong and resistant to vibration, embedded nuts,

    • Active fill-in sealing ring with leak-free guarantee

    • Dual lock rings with full surface contact, ensuring push-to-connect and strong connection

    • Enhanced structure & all aluminum material ensuring safety and longevity

    • Convex groove connection for DN65-200(2½”-8”)

     Stainless Steel Pipes

    • Stainless steel materials with international 304 or 316L standard,

    • Superior performance, realiability, stability, longevity,

    • Safe sealing technology,

    • Labor cost savings thanks to quick and easy installation,

    • Resistant to high and low temperature, no corrosion, maintenance free,

    • Compressed air oil injected or oil free, vacuum, noble gases (Nitrogen, Argon, Helium), drinking water, fuels, mineral oils, frozen steam, etc. suitable for

    • Complies with EU/EN/DIN/ASTM/JS standards

    • DN15- 1/2”-DN400 16” diameter range

    Connection & Sealing

    • Only two bolts to fasten

    • Enhanced structure and material ensuring safety and longevity

    • Matual groove connection for DN125-400(5”-16”)

    • Different and optional sealing elements for various fluids and conditions

    • Easy and fast assembly with press connection



    We help customers saving total cost of

    ownership from every aspect during 

    usage of piping system.