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  • DCX Nitrogen Purifier Systems


    Easily integration with any brand of Nitrogen Generator

    Power Savings up to 50%

    Reduced compressed air consumption

    More effective pay-back time compared to the Catox-free system

    Class 6.0 quality highest purity nitrogen

    Auto purity control system

    Easy maintenance - compact design

    Minimized installation area

    Cost-effective through low operating costs

    Most PSA Nitrogen Generator users require the highest levels of Nitrogen purity by the most costeffective means possible.

    Dalgakıran DCX Nitrogen Purifier System offers an extremely economic way to increase nitrogen purity levels beyond 99.9% all the way up to 99.9999% purity.

    DCX is the true add-on technology for Nitrogen Generation applications requiring 1-5 ppm ultra high purity.

    DCX can easily be integrated with already existing Nitrogen Generator System (free from brand) resulting in high purity nitrogen gas at minimum costs.

     How It Works?

    The nitrogen gas obtained from a nitrogen generator is enriched with a minimum amount of hydrogen before it passes into the catalyst. The hydrogen reacts with the residual oxygen of the nitrogen, the chemical reaction being water vapor and heat, which are removed by filtration & drying.

    Thanks to our innovative DCX system you can produce ultra-pure nitrogen with smaller air compressors.


    Model Nitrogen Purity
    Power Consumption
    Voltage Noise Level
    DCX 20 99,9999 0,41 20 230/1/50 55-85
    DCX 40 99,9999 0,66 28 230/1/50 55-85
    DCX 60 99,9999 0,83 35 230/1/50 55-85
    DCX 80 99,9999 1,33 51 230/1/50 55-85
    DCX 100 99,9999 1,58 60 230/1/50 55-85
    DCX 150 99,9999 2,33 90 230/1/50 55-85