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    Short payback period

    Small footprint

    Long-lasting efficiency ( > 10 years)

    Best quality high-performance solutions

    Investing in a lower capacity DDX system instead of a higher capacity DNG system for the same purity of nitrogen reduces costs and saves on energy

    Up to 99.999% nitrogen purity with minimum space and energy requirements

    Low energy consumption

    Low CO2 emissions

    Heavy-duty build designed for hard conditions and industrial use

    High-quality and durable components

    System produces minimum 99.999% pure nitrogen with a very low air/nitrogen ratio (3.0 instead of 8.4).

    Compact design, fully automated system

    24/7 nitrogen production at the desired purity

    High energy savings

    Low-cost and special production

    Minimum maintenance costs

    Dalgakıran’s brand new DDX Nitrogen Treatment System offers an extremely economic means of increasing the required nitrogen purity beyond 99.9% to 99.999%.

    The DDX Series uses a specially designed catalyst with a large surface area to increase nitrogen purity.

    The oxygen left on the catalyst surface after the reaction is reduced to no more than 10 ppm.

    DDX Nitrogen Treatment Devices when used in conjunction with DNG Nitrogen Generators use small amounts of hydrogen to prevent compressed air loss and deliver very pure nitrogen. This system delivers very pure nitrogen while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

     Working Principle

    Compared with existing applications, Dalgakıran's compact designed Nitrogen Treatment System can take nitrogen produced at 99.5-99.9% purity and convert it to 99.999% pure nitrogen while delivering considerable energy savings in nitrogen production costs.

    The system uses a catalytic reaction to remove the oxygen left over from the DNG generator from the PSA Nitrogen Generator outlet by utilizing the reaction between the residual oxygen and hydrogen to produce 99.999% pure nitrogen. The only by-product of this catalytic reaction is water.

    The low cost of the hydrogen needed for the reaction results in considerable long-term savings. In fact, this newly developed nitrogen purifier lets you produce extremely pure nitrogen using lower capacity air compressors and equipment.

    As the reaction increases the temperature of the nitrogen, the DDX Nitrogen Purifying System is integrated into a High-Temperature Air Dryer, combining two products in a single unit for a complete solution.


    Model N2 99.999%
    Purity (m³/min)
    DDX 10 0,017
    DDX 20 0,033
    DDX 35 0,058
    DDX 60 0,100
    DDX 95 0,173
    DDX 120 0,232
    DDX 150 0,283
    DDX 250 0,452
    DDX 330 0,597
    DDX 450 0,807
    DDX 510 0,925
    DDX 570 1,027
    DDX 730 1,343
    DDX 910 1,643
    DDX 1110 1,998
    DDX 1230 2,205
    DDX 1370 2,443
    DDX 1820 3,303
    DDX 2050 3,852
    DDX 2550 4,618
    HDX 2950 5,697
    DDX 3540 6,675
    DDX 4160 7,698
    DDX 5560 9,267
    DDX 6050 11,438
    DDX 7500 13,607
    DDX 9170 15,283
    DDX 11200 18,667