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  • Industrial Design in Machinery and Industrial Compressor Production

    Industrial Design in Machinery and Industrial Compressor Production

    In the production of machinery and industrial compressors, industrial design enables innovative and quality products that make a difference. Industrial design is the whole notion of the elements or features perceived by the human senses, such as the linear lines, characteristic structures, colours, textures and materials, namely the aesthetics of the whole or part of a product. Thanks to industrial design applications, the most lifelike forms of original, innovative products can be presented as concepts.

    The industrial designer creates conceptual designs to meet the demands of the determined products according to the target audience. It works closely with experts who have a direct influence on the machinery, such as mechanical engineers, in the development of concept products.

    The brand aims to fuse cutting-edge technologies with creative aesthetics to leave a lasting impression on its users and the products created in this direction prioritize identity, function, and user experience. The machine and industrial compressor manufacturing can have substantial benefits from industrial design. The industrial designer develops plans and concepts to enhance the efficiency, safety, ergonomics, and aesthetics of machinery and compressors. Also, they enhance these aspects through the redesign of existing products, aiming to increase compressor performance values and simplify production methods, after-sales services, and user experiences.

    Methods in the Industrial Design Process 

    The design process includes research aimed at identifying elements that pose challenges and problems and stages such as idea generation, prototyping, and prototype testing. This design process offers a creative and systematic approach, assisting designers and the development team in addressing obstacles and problematic elements using industrial design methods to find optimal solutions.

    Areas Reinforced by Industrial Design 

    Industrial design plays a crucial role in the branding of a brand. By creating original and innovative products as a concept, it provides solutions that align with user expectations based on the target audience and the demands. Industrial design provides support for the production of machinery and industrial compressors mainly in the following areas;

     Creating the genetics of the product

     Conceptual designs of the product families

     Perceptual quality and customized design

    It helps to increase the functionality, ergonomic, safety, and aesthetic aspects of products. Thus, it helps to increase the user experience. It provides support for branding by increasing the marketing and competition level of the resulting product and ensuring that the compressor takes on an identity and genetics appropriate to the target audience. It also supports the development of production methods by reducing production costs and environmental impacts. It provides support to the technological developments of the compressor and the needs of the user. By increasing the quality and reliability standards of the products, it both increases competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

    Advantages Offered by Industrial Design

    The design has numerous advantages, both in terms of perception and structure. Thanks to industrial design, the products provide a greater advantage structurally in user ergonomics by creating a more functional, useful and durable user perception. This design also reinforces the brand image while increasing the aesthetic value of the products. Also, it provides a competitive advantage, encourages innovation by expanding market share and contributes to the creation of new ideas.

    "This design has been customized by implying the elements of the iconic 'A' expression that is used as the iconic and corporate expression of the Dalgakıran brand. It is aimed to play a pivotal role in shaping the product genes of the Dalgakıran brand." 

    "For the Goal."

    Industrial designers research the target audience, carry out market analysis, and design products with user experience in mind. Thus, functional, ergonomic, aesthetic, and quality products emerge in line with the demands of customers.

    "For the Competition."

    Industrial designers differentiate products and create a brand identity with innovative, creative, and original designs. Thus, the products are differentiated from their competitors in the market and they become the preferred ones. Industrial designers design the shape, color, texture, and logo of a machine in accordance with the character of the brand.

    "For the Product." 

    Industrial designers ensure compliance with safety standards, legal regulations, and technical specifications when designing the products. They also conduct product testing, and rectify and refine errors. Thus, they enhance the safety and performance of the products.

    This article emphasizes the unparalleled role of industrial design in industrial production, particularly in the realm of industrial compressor manufacturing. The application of industrial design methods enables more efficient management of complex mechanization scenarios in industrial production and it also increases the variety of product options, ensuring that each product has its own characteristics instead of uniform production.

    Industrial design supports the development of branded products in which each product possesses unique genes by guaranteeing customized, perceptual, and structural quality. This provides differentiation of the products and an enhanced product experience for the customers within the competitive environment.

    Consequently, the role of industrial design in industrial production processes aligns with the trends of mechanization in production and since each product has distinct attributes, it facilitates the establishment of diversity and branding. This, in turn, fuels the advancement of the industrial production sector, offering substantial advantages in terms of competitiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    ‘’Genes of the product comes alive with industrial design.’’