11-22 kW  16 bar  0,78-2,21 m³/min

Oil Injected, Belt Driven, Fixed Speed

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

TIDY 16Bar compressors always offer high performance in laser cutting machines and mining industries.


 A booster compressor is not needed to increase the pressure.

 Economic, service-friendly design minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs.

 General Features 

High quality screw block and motor

Electronic control

Easy installation and quick implementation thanks to its compact design

 Main Motor and Drive System 

 Ultra Premium IE4 efficiency-class electric motors

Star/delta motor starter

Belt-pulley drive system

Easy-to-use belt tensioner and pulley bushing for easy servicing

 Screw Block 

Durable screw block provides high-capacity of air and is specially selected for each model’s capacity requirement

New rotor profiles for reduced loss air production and lower torque requirements

Next gen bearing design for improved load bearing capabilities


 Without the need for an external main controller, ability to co-aged work synchronized with Master/Slave for up to two compressors

 Internal ModBus communication

 User-friendly on-screen interface

 Alarm log records last 20 alarms

 11-22 kW  16 bar  0,78-2,21 m³/min


Model Pressure Capacity* Motor Power Connection Size Dimensions (mm)
[Width x Length x Height] (mm)
bar psi m³/min cfm kW/HP kg
TIDY 16BAR 15 16 230 0,78 27,5 11/15 G 3/4” 1276 x 850 x 1435 217
TIDY 16BAR 20 16 230 1,27 44,9 15/20 G 3/4” 1276 x 850 x 1435 384
TIDY  16BAR 25 16 230 1,82 64,1 18,5/25 G 3/4” 1276 x 850 x 1435 448
TIDY 16BAR 30 16 230 2,21 77,9 22/30 G 3/4” 1276 x 850 x 1435 529

- Unit performances measured in reference conditions which are 1 bar absolute air Pressure, %0 relative humidity, 20°C inlet air temperature, 71°C thermostatic valve set temperature and use of Smartoil.
- Dalgakıran reserves its rights to make changes in its products and specifications without prior notice.
* Refers to free air delivery measured according to ISO 1217:2009, Annex E standard.