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    Dalgakıran Kompresör's support engineers offer effective and world-class air compressor and compressed air equipment training programs to operation and maintenance teams. Naturally prepared and tailored precisely to your individual requirements. Training takes place at our facility, with qualified service partners or directly on-site for you on request.

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    Dalgakıran's Basic Product Training is designed for those new to the business partnership and serves as a prerequisite for technicians, maintainer, and engineers who plan to advance their knowledge and attend other training offered by Dalgakıran.

    Our progressive, two-tiered approach to hands-on training embodies just that. Our experienced instructors don't just show you how – we expect our students to get their hands dirty. As the compressed air technology manufacturer, we know the best ways to train field technicians to maintain and repair Dalgakıran's equipment. From our smallest to largest frames, factory-trained participants receive the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a compressor service technician. Each course is offered at our headquarters and runs two and one-half days.

    We have a technical training programme which is designed for those who have a basic understanding of the compression process and have a desire to advance their knowledge by Dalgakıran's service and support team. Our experts from various engineering teams lead the programme with discussions about product and package components, and theory.