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    Renewed for you!

    Our used air compressors for sale have been fully overhauled, expertly inspected, and carefully reconditioned by our experienced compressed air engineers. Our specialist team also complete a full service on each item of equipment to manufacturers’ specifications using genuine spare parts before it is available for installation. Our specialist compressed air engineers are multi-skilled, factory trained and have a wealth of experience installing, servicing and maintaining compressed air systems.

    Providing practical solutions whilst tailoring products to each individual requirement, you will benefit directly from our investment in specialised training and have a guarantee of workmanship. You can be assured therefore of extremely good service from your first point of contact and for years beyond.

    Air Compressors and Compressed air equpment specialists for over 58 Years, we provide a fast, professional and friendly service supported by experienced personnel and quality used equipment. This means you can replace your broken or damaged air compressor quickly, safely, and confidently. We provide expert assistance and advice for all makes and types of air compressors and compressed air equipment.  

    Get a quality Second Hand Air Compressor from a partner you can trust. For more information about our quality used and reconditioned stock for sale or expert assistance and advice regarding your compressed air equipment or service requirements, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team.

    Information you should keep in mind 💭

    ✓ Buying the wrong used air compressor could be a costly mistake... Depending on the application at hand and the specifications you require, there are many benefits to opting for a used air compressor. 

    Depending on who you purchase used equipment from, you may receive information from the past owner. When you find a distributor that is familiar with the machine’s past usage, you can acquire a better understanding of how the unit was used in the past, how it was maintained, and the level of wear it has endured. You could discover how well they maintained the system, how long they had it for and what issues they had, if any.

    Our professional and friendly team could also assess the equipment and either make repairs or advise you on any maintenance or replacements the air compressor needs. All that will depend on who you shop with and if the information is available from the previous owner.

    When you buy any sort of new machinery or equipment, its value immediately depreciates. You won’t have that problem with used equipment. It comes at an initial lower cost, and since someone has used it before, it has already gone through its initial depreciation.

    The most appealing benefit of used equipment is a lower price. In some cases, you can purchase multiple used air compressors for the same price you could get for one piece of new equipment. While used air compressors can save you a lot of money, comparing their functionality to their cost is important.However, if you source a superior quality unit, it can provide you with years of reliable service.

    Lastly, used air compressors provide great temporary business solutions when purchasing a new unit is not feasible.

    Not ready to buy, no problem!

    Even buying a pre-owned compressor can be an investment that you might not be ready to make. You have the need for a big air compressor, but want to keep the cash flow.

    As Dalgakıran Air Compressor Rental Service, We have options to lease equipment which can help you determine which air compressor will fit your needs before you make the choice to buy. Or you can rent a compressor for projects that are seasonal or short term. Whatever your reason, we provide the flexible option to help you get started today!