PORTAIR series portable compressors are ideal for use in construction, mining and ship repair industries. These compressors offer their users long maintenance intervals, high performance and airflow thanks to their high-strength and high-efficiency screw blocks. Large fuel tanks make it possible to work longer without interruption.


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PA 3471023,4120KUBOTA V1505-E3B5026,5/352xG 3/4"2000/30201150/16501300/1500690≤ 98
PA 5071025177KUBOTA V1505-E3B8533/451xG1"+2xG3/4"2000/30201150/16501300/1600725≤ 98
PA 6471026,4226KUBOTA V2403-M-T-E3B12544/601xG1"+2xG3/4"2250/37201200/16501370/15001050≤ 98
PA 100710210353KUBOTA V3800-DI-T-E2B12572,8/1001xG1 1/2"+3xG3/4"2250/37201200/16501470/16001250≤ 99

General Information

PORTAIR series mobile air compressors have been produced in order to work successfully in different application areas. High performance and quality parts used in the manufacture and assembly of products designed to be easily adaptable and user-friendly at every level provide long maintenance intervals and consequently low operating costs.

DALGAKIRAN operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and has more than 150 authorized dealers in Turkey. With its after sales service network providing continuous service for more than 25 days and its customer support line which can be reached from all over Turkey from 444 in 2012, Products to be used safely.

  • With high flow capacities, the PORTAIR series allows two PA34 and PA50, three PA64 and four PA 100 pneumatic crushers to be connected and operated from the mobile compressors at the same time.
    The portable air compressors of the PORTAIR series have a type-approval certificate in accordance with the European Union's 2007/46 / EC framework directive.
    By controlling the diesel engine and the screw block at the same time, the flow capacity can be adjusted according to the air consumption, which saves fuel and minimizes the operating costs.
    The control panel with the electronic control card can display the output pressure, fuel level and operating time information, alarms such as high engine temperature, high compression temperature, low battery, low fuel, service requirement, alternator charging.
    With rustproof and puncture-resistant cabin, the compressor can be operated without losing its performance in tough conditions and easily accessible to each part with its side cover design.
    With the direct coupling drive system, it is aimed to produce less pressurized air with less loss in the classical power transmission systems.
    With the fuel tank volume, one of the largest in its class, it is possible to achieve up to 16 hours of continuous running performance at full load.
  • New generation of screw blocks, designed with the benefit of the latest technology such as "Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)" and "Finite Element Method (FEM)" and manufactured with advanced manufacturing techniques, new rotor profile and lobe combination provide high efficiency, It offers consumption.
    There is a new generation of ball bearing tilt system with 3 times more load carrying capacity than standard designs.
    The combination of the optimal lobe allows the new rotor profile to allow less air escape, resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs.
    Gearboxes are used by American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standards. (PA50 & PA100)
  • In the PORTAIR series, KUBOTA's 4-cylinder, water-cooled and turbocharged diesel engines (except PA34) are used as standard.
    With the diesel engines having the lowest exhaust emission values of each class, PORTAIR series is suitable for emission standards of Turkey, USA and European Union. (Except PA100)
    The drive of the screw rotor shaft (gearbox shaft in PA50 and PA100) is carried out directly with 1: 1 transmission between the screw block and the main motor.
    Because there is no belt loss in the direct coupling system, it is up to 3% more efficient than the belt-pulley mechanism and there is no maintenance problem.
  • Shady
    Braked, fixed trailer
    Brakeless, fixed trailer
    Braked, movable (height adjustable) with trailer
    Brakeless, movable (height adjustable) with trailer
  • Safety Rack (PA64 and PA100)
    Chock and chock holder
    Trailer coupling coupling
    Cab security lock
    Crusher hose connection coupling
  • Safety Rack (PA34 and PA50)
    Spark-protector exhaust system
    Cold start at -30 ° C
    Body color depending on customer request
    Cabinet color according to customer's request
    Aftercooler and water separator