DALGAKIRAN PET MASTER Series are reliable and high performance oil free reciprocating air compressors used in the pet bottle blowing, food and health industries.


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ModelPressureCapacityMotor PowerConnection SizeDimensions (mm)Weight
PET MASTER 50405803.612737/50G 1 1/4"3647166923955500
PET MASTER 75405805.519455/75G 1 1/4"3647166923955500
PET MASTER 100405807.426175/100G 1 1/4"3673174424706500
PET MASTER 125405809.132190/125G 1 1/4"3673174424706500
PET MASTER 1504058011.6410110/150G 2"4192197728147500
PET MASTER 1804058013.5477132/180G 2"4192197728147500
PET MASTER 2204058016.4579160/220G 2"4192197728147800
PET MASTER 2704058021.3752200/270G 2"4234220328419200
PET MASTER 3004058023812220/300G 2"4234220328419200
ModelPressureCapacityMotor PowerConnection SizeDimensions (mm)Weight
barpsiMinimum m3/min - cfmMaximum m3/min - cfmkW/HPLengthWidthHeightkg
PET MASTER 75 VSD405804.11455.519455/75G 1 1/4"3533181124035600
PET MASTER 125 VSD405806.82409.132190/125G 1 1/4"3550181224316650
PET MASTER 180 VSD4058010.135713.5477132/180G 2"4168197528147750
PET MASTER 220 VSD4058012.343416.4579160/220G 2"4168197528148000
PET MASTER 300 VSD4058017.361123812220/300G 2"4223221228409500

General Information

  • PET MASTER Series is specially designed for PET bottle blowing industry
    Because oil is not used in the compaction section, it produces 100% oil-free air
    Electro-pneumatic flow control available
    The compressor discharge system is provided by holding the suction valves in the open position
    PLC control unit provides easy and safe use thanks to warning and safety functions
    Acuple design provides ease of installation and installation.
    The integrated electrical system provides user-friendly operation
    Condensate output is made from a single point for easy installation
    Possibility to see operating parameters via controller
    High cooling efficiency and low operating temperature ensure long service life and extended service life
    The large body and low speed operation feature reduce the workload of the compressor. Service intervals on this count increase and component life increases
    On-demand co-aging system and compressors can work together and at the same level, reducing service frequency.