Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use

Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use

Terms of use and privacy are for Dalgakıran Makine San. Tic. Ve A.S. and are available at the website All the data (designs, images, logos, etc.) published on the above-mentioned site belong to Dalgakıran Makine San. Tic. Ve A.S. Performance of works such as updating, modifying, removing or editing the data contained on this website shall belong to Dalgakıran Makine San. ve Tic. A.S. and Dalgakıran Makine San. ve Tic. A.S. is entitled to all rights in these matters.

Possible inaccuracies or changes that may occur during updating the data on the above-mentioned web site shall in no way bind Dalgakıran Makine San. ve Tic. A.S.

In addition, some of the prospective expressions used in the above-mentioned website may contain various risks and uncertainties.

Legal rights in all material provided on the page shall be held by Dalgakıran Makine San. ve Tic. A.S. and the original creator of the material.

Unless otherwise specified, no material may be copied, distributed, changed by various sub-licenses, stored to be used in the future, and may not be used and be allowed to be used for commercial purposes.

Any unsigned use of any material on this site are subject to copyright laws, trademark laws, includes security and publicity laws and communications laws and their statuses.

Access to website of Dalgakıran Makine San. ve Tic. A.S. is free and anonymous.

Defacement of any data contained in this site in any way shall cause all kinds of criminal legal proceedings. Contact information (phone and email) that you shared through Contact Form located on the site may be used by Dalgakıran Makine San. Tic. Ve A.S. and/or authorized partners to make the information you have requested available for you.

You may send complaints, suggestions, requests regarding the site to the e-mail address:

Cookie Rules ("Cookies")

Cookies are small files that the web site uses to remember you on subsequent entries. 2 types of cookies are used on this site: Session cookies are the cookies valid while you are on the site. Persistent cookies are the cookies valid for longer periods. Their time is variable. Cookies allow the website to be arranged according to your wishes and preferences. Links to other sites. If you redirected to Dalgakıran Kompresör's website from another site or if you are redirected to another site from the Dalgakıran Kompresör's website, Dalgakıran Kompresör shall not provide you guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information on the site directing you. 3rd Party sites may have privacy rules and regulations which are beyond our control. Session cookies prevent you from entering the same information on the different pages on the site more than once. They allow you to access the stored information. 

Persistent Cookies

When you log in to the site again later they enable the system to recall you. They allow us to analyse how the site is used by the users.

3rd Party Cookies

Dalgakıran Kompresör's website also contains 3rd party cookies. Following is the purpose of these cookies: They allow us to analyse how the site is used by the users. They help get ads and measure the number of times clicked by users. They also check how often you see ads on the site.

Web Beacons

There are electronic images known as Web Beacons on some pages of the web site. They provide the number of people using the site. Web Beacons allow us to get a limited number of data such as the number of cookies, the time and day of access to the page.  3rd parties may also use Web Beacons to provide ads. These beacons do not carry any personal information. They are only used to measure the efficiency of the site for a certain time.