Ethical Values

Ethical Values

Mutual respect and reliance is an important factor within our company and the relations between our employees. The importance of respect and reliance is strictly shown within our company, this has an effect on our relations between our customers and companions.

The factors that must be taken into consideration while applying for a job or during job opportunities within the company is fairness and equality doubt regardless ethnic relations, beliefs, political thoughts, ethnic background, personal thoughts, gender, living and situation, age and disability or pregnancy 
Our company administration and employees focus on; Turkish Republic rules, International laws and the ethic rules of the company while reaching their goals.

Hertz respects the workers and their rights. Besides the Turkish Republic laws, Work laws and International Law rules our company focus on human rights. Underagers are not aloud to work, forcing is not made and the work hours is adjusted to reliable amounts. The workers are made payments that counter to their job effort.

The information that is made available by the employees in the company is strictly private whereas privacy and safety rules are taken in consideration. The portfolios, monuments, e-mails, passwords and codes, agreements and offers made in the name of the company stays within the company borders. This kind of information is strictly private and is not shared with a third person. When leaving work this information is still held private.

Personal information about the employees are only known by the entitled ones.

Whilst Hertz continues with the trading activities, they put a lot of importance on not to be a part of the negative benefits that can cross lines and laws.
The workers, customers and suppliers of Hertz is not aloud to have personal relations with people at their work. They can not take or give loan to anyone. The employee is not aloud to make riskfull decisions such that can charge the company (give checks, presents, vacations etc). New year presents, calenders, flowers and chocolate bars that are given by the company is held out of this.  

Hertz is responsible of handling safety and security rules for the workers, suppliers and customers. The company is responsible of fulfilling the safety rules in detail for every area.
The negative effects, ruins filthiness that is caused through different systems and techniques in the environment is reduced. 

The Hertz employees is aware of their responsebilities, the environment and sensible towards society. Activeness within non-governmental organizations and public wealth.

Customer satisfaction towards the customers by being honest and fair-minded is important for Hertz. Being reasonable when facing problems by solving these problems by fast and permanent decisions. To gain the trust of the customer is the aim. Eccoair tries to accomplish the needs of the customers in the best way.